California Neuroscience Research (CNR), is located at 4835 Van Nuys Blvd. in the Sherman Oaks Medical Center in Sherman Oaks, California. We perform clinical trial protocols of investigational medications or currently approved medications. These studies, funded primarily by major pharmaceutical sponsors, involve no costs to patients for study-related services. All study protocols are first approved by an independent Investigational Review Board. Potential study participants are evaluated by our physician investigators and, if appropriate, their informed consent is provided prior to entering any study.

CNR was founded in 2002 by psychiatrist and experienced researcher, Dr. Thomas Shiovitz. Previously, Dr. Shiovitz presided over one of the world’s largest and most successful clinical trial groups.

With a mission to develop a smaller, “hands-on” clinical trials site which specialized in Alzheimer’s Disease and other psychiatric/neurological indications, Dr. Shiovitz started his “ideal” research site from scratch. He has recruited an experienced and friendly staff who focus on safety and quality in their ethical conduct of important clinical research.

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