California Neuroscience Research (CNR) was founded in 2002 by psychiatrist and experienced researcher Dr. Thomas Shiovitz. Previously Medical Director at California Clinical Trials, Dr. Shiovitz started his own research center to provide a personalized, hands-on experience for subjects and sponsors. CNR specializes in Alzheimer’s Disease, depression, migraine and anxiety disorders. CNR has a research staff of friendly and professional individuals dedicated to the efficient and ethical conduct of clinical research studies.

California Neuroscience Research is located in Sherman Oaks, California. We perform clinical trials of investigational medications. These studies are conducted at no cost to patients. All study protocols are first approved by an independent Institutional Review Board. Potential study participants are evaluated by a board-certified physician to assess if they are appropriate for a current study. Prior to entering a study an informed consent is provided that includes all detailed study procedures and expectations.

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